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Florida Keys dodging threat from oil spill

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Florida Keys dodging threat from oil spill


Forecasters say the state’s delicate chain of islands is in no imminent threat from the oil gusher.

Florida Keys may escape oil spill


The risk of oil from the Deepwater Horizon blowout reaching the Florida Keys and South Florida anytime soon is now so remote that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has suspended its trajectory maps for the area, effectively downgrading the region to low risk.

“It’s kind of like being taken out of the cone of uncertainty for a hurricane,” said Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Michael Herring of Sector Key West. “We’re temporarily out, but things could change.”

On Monday, the nearest documented oil from the massive spill was about 385 miles from Key West, according to the Florida Peninsula Command Post in Miami.

And thanks in part to changes in currents, the oil still spewing from the well site does not have a clear path to the Keys, said Billy Causey, the southeast regional director of NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary Program.

The documented oil from the spill is about 100 miles from the northern part of the massive current dubbed Eddy Franklin, after Ben Franklin, which travels in a circular clockwise motion.

In May, Franklin pinched off from the loop current, which travels through the Florida Straits south of the Dry Tortugas, south of the rest of the Florida Keys and then veers north up the Atlantic Coast when it becomes the Gulf Stream.

In fact, conditions in the Gulf change constantly, said Robert Weisberg, an oceanographer at the University of South Florida who specializes in Gulf of Mexico monitoring and has been supplying modeling data on the spill to NOAA.

In the last few days, for instance, he said there were signs that the huge eddy could be reconnecting. And two months ago, when oceanographers were warning that the slick was slipping into the loop, no one expected the loop to shed the eddy that has since become a protective barrier to oil moving south.

“It’s like predicting weather,” he said. “There are subtleties to the loop current that are not well understood and difficult to predict.”

The loop current isn’t the only vehicle that could propel oil down the coast. In recent days, westerly wind patterns have pushed the leading edge of the slick and tar balls east across Panhandle waters, he said.

The more oil pushed into the shallower waters off the continental shelf, the more that is likely to stay closer to shore and potentially affect Florida’s west coast as far south as the Keys.

There’s also the possibility that seasonal upwelling of deep cold water from the Gulf could push some of those still poorly understood underwater plumes toward the continental shelf.

While NOAA has suspended its offshore trajectory map for the spill, Sean Morton, superintendent of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, wrote in an e-mail to the area response committee that monitoring of the Gulf of Mexico will continue by air surveillance, vessel observations and satellite analysis.

So far, the extensive monitoring over the past few weeks has found no “recoverable” oil from the blowout in the loop current or the eddy.

“There have been a lot of false positives that have been reported,” NOAA’s James Jeansonne, who for weeks has been searching for oil from a Coast Guard’s C-130, said from 1,500 feet above the Gulf of Mexico.

The group has checked out several reports of possible oil, as well as anomalies that were picked up by satellite imaging. Jeansonne said cloud cover, sargassum patches and natural sheens are often misidentified as oil slicks.

He also said the Gulf is filled with oil sheens and tar balls from natural oil seeps and bunker fuels coming off ships. About 200 tar balls have been found on shorelines throughout the Keys, but none have proven to come from the Deepwater Horizon spill.

“There is a lot of anxiety because people care a lot about the Keys and its resources,” Jeansonne said. “We want people to understand what is really going on.”

Causey said he is concerned about people in the Keys initiating their own protection from oil they feel is on its way.

“We’ve already heard of people doing experiments with their own devices,” Causey said. “One man in Marathon put together an oil boom in his canal and poured a can of oil into it to see if it worked.”

Jeansonne said that with no imminent threat to the Keys, no protective measures other than beach cleanups should be taken.

“It’s like going out to war and shooting guns before the enemy is there,” he said.

Gary Davis, a retired research scientist with the National Parks Service, also said people in the Keys should be patient.

“It’s not going to hit like a tidal wave or tsunami,” he said. “It’s slow moving. And should oil arrive, it’s very unlikely it will look like anything you see on the evening news in Louisiana. It’s likely to be scattered tar balls.”

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June Events

Monday, May 17th, 2010
Islamorada / June 02 to June 03

Islamorada Fishing Club Captain’s Cup Dolphin Tournament Just three fish are all that’s needed to capture the $25,000 winner-take-all grand prize, but the aggregate weight of the three dorado must be the highest in the tournament. Entry fee is $2,500 for this IGFA Offshore World Championship qualifying event.
Contact: Theresa Reineman at 305-664-4735

Islamorada / June 04 to June 06

Islamorada Dolphin Tournament Hosted by the Islamorada Charterboat Association, this second annual event is headquartered at Whale Harbor Marina, with $15,000 in prize money and an unlimited number of anglers.
Contact: Dianne Harbaugh at (305) 852-2102

Islamorada / June 07 to June 11

Don Hawley Invitational Tarpon Tournament The world’s top fly-rod anglers endure a five-day test of will and muscle, fishing Keys waters using fly tackle and either a 12- or 16-pound tippet. Named for the late fly fisherman and conservationist Don Hawley, the tournament benefits the Don Hawley Foundation, assisting professional fishing guides and supporting backcountry fishery conservation. programs.
Contact: Charlotte Ambrogio (305) 664-2444

Islamorada / June 15 to June 17

Women’s Fly Series – Tarpon
This invitational fly tournament is open to men and women and benefits children’s charities. The all-release, challenge requires anglers use a tournament-supplied 16-pound tippet. Scoring is based on the total number of releases, so anglers must hook, fight and release tarpon as quickly as possible — making the competition a true test of skill and endurance.
Contact: Charlotte Ambrogio at (305) 664-2444

Islamorada / June 16

History of Diving Museum presents: FREE Seminar Series This month’s free seminar is to be given by Chris Dutton, themed “Diving History in the Florida Keys.” Starts at 7 p.m. at Diving Museum, mile marker 83 in Islamorada. Immerse yourself in the fun!
Contact: 305-664-9737

Islamorada / June 18 to June 19

6th Annual Island Grill Charity Dolphin Tournament & Fun Day Event not only benefits Baptist Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Center, anglers compete for a $5,000 grand prize for the best three dolphin caught, and a Mercedes GLK SUV for the angler that breaks the state record for dolphin. Father’s Day celebration on the beach Sunday. A perfect family event.
Contact: Rebecca May at 305-664-8400

Islamorada / June 21 to June 25

Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament This prestigious tournament, whose founders include baseball great and avid fly-fisherman Ted Williams, pits 25 fly-rod anglers against the tenacious silver king for four straight days of fishing. Experienced tournament anglers and novices are welcome to compete. Tournament proceeds benefit children’s charities in the Keys.
Contact: Charlotte Ambrogio (305) 664-2444

May Events

Monday, May 17th, 2010
Islamorada / April 30 to May 02

Florida Keys Fly Fishing School Learn fly fishing in saltwater with world class instruction in a fun and no-pressure environment. Two-day schools present a unique opportunity for beginners and experienced anglers, as well as couples. Call or visit Web site for details.
Contact: 305-664-5423

Islamorada / May 17 to May 19

Golden Fly Tarpon Tournament Anglers are allowed to fish only with fly gear, using a tournament-furnished tippet not greater than 20-pound test. Tarpon in this challenge must measure at least 48 inches in length to earn release points, and weigh at least 70 pounds for weight points. Are you up to the challenge?
Contact: Charlotte Ambrogio at (305) 664-2444

Islamorada / May 19

History of Diving Museum presents: FREE Seminar Series This month’s free seminar is to be given by Florida Keys Shipwreck Salvor and Historian Captain Carl Fismer, themed “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Shipwrecks.” Starts at 7 p.m. at Diving Museum, mile marker 83 in Islamorada. Immerse yourself in the fun!
Contact: 305-664-9737


Stay Review

Monday, May 17th, 2010

What a way to relax

“Peaceful and Romantic”

Lookout Lodge Resort
Truestarlight 7 contributions North Carolina
May 14, 2010 | Trip type: Couples Through a twist of fate we ended up at the Lookout Lodge and felt like we were in Paradise.

It is a small resort but immaculately clean and beautiful rooms. The dock area give you stunning views of the gulf and the sunset.

This is not an all inclusive, cater to your every need kind of resort, but it is a peaceful little paradise in the Keys.
My ratings for this hotel

Value Rooms Location Cleanliness Service Sleep QualityDate of stay April 2010
Visit was for Leisure
Traveled with With Spouse/Partner
Age group 35-49
Member since June 25, 2008
Would you recommend this hotel to a friend? Yes

Islamorada Hotels: Beachfront Views

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Lookout Lodge has four suites with beachfront views of our personal slice of heaven. We are looking forward to sharing the view with you!

Beautiful Islamorada

Beautiful Islamorada

We have two one-bedroom suites that have views of our private beach and our marina. We are a pet friendly resort Florida, and one of the one-bedroom suites is also pet friendly. There is also dockage available with this room at our Clean marina.

The Owners Two-Bedroom Suite has a fabulous view and two bedrooms along with our standard kitchenette. This is also a pet-friendly room and has the option for dockage. Up to 6 people can stay in the waterfront suite.

Our Mini-suite also has a waterfront view and a kitchenette. This room is pet friendly and also has the option for you to bring your boat and dock it at our clean marina. Did you know that Lookout Lodge was the first Florida Keys Resort in Islamorada to have a Clean marina?

So come and relax on our sandy beaches, make a meal with friends and family in your suite as you watch a sunset over the water from the comfort of your room. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Islamorada Hotels: Bring Your Boat & Your Dog to Lookout Lodge!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Here at Lookout Lodge, we are one of the few pet-friendly Resort in Florida. So go ahead and bring your best four-legged friend into your suite with you! We have not increased our 2008 rates and don’t plan to, so GET INTO THE SUNSHINE and let loose!
Our suites also have the option for bringing your boat to Florida Keys Resort for a small dockage fee. Take advantage of smokin’ deals online and cheap winter gas prices to get away from it all at our lodging in Islamorada!


Sailfish…Sailfish..Sailfish….and FUN!!!!

Sunday, October 25th, 2009
Sailfish3Islamorada / December 01 2009 to January 31 2010Sailfish2

Florida Keys Gold Cup Sailfish Championship Anglers are to pursue sailfish, the most plentiful billfish in the waters off the Keys, in a series of competitions.
Contact: (305) 852-2102

Islamorada / December 03 2009 to December 06 2009

Islamorada Sailfish Tournament This competition is the first leg of the triple-crown Florida Keys Gold Cup Championship Series. The tournament is one of the oldest in the Florida Keys.
Contact: Dianne Harbaugh at (305) 852-2102

Islamorada / December 09 2009 to December 10 2009

Islamorada Fishing Club Captain’s Cup Sailfish Tournament Anglers compete for a winner-take-all $25,000 jackpot for catching and releasing sailfish.
Contact: The Islamorada Fishing Club at (305) 664-4735

Islamorada / December 11 2009 to December 13 2009

Don Gurgiolo Sailfish Classic This all-release tournament offers the ever-popular ugly sport coat award in honor of Captain Don.
Contact: Tammie Gurgiolo (305) 852-9337

Islamorada / December 18 2009 to December 20 2009

Islamorada Junior Sailfish Tournament Anglers through age 16 are to target sailfish for trophies.
Contact: Tammie Gurgiolo (305) 852-9337

Islamorada Hotels with a Clean Marina

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Much of Florida is defined by water. With coastline on three sides, 50,000 miles of rivers, streams and the huge Everglades National Park, Floridians depend on water more than any other natural resource. The continued success of Florida’s tourism, boating and fishing industries are reliant on clean waterways and coastline. Since 2000, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has encouraged clean boating through the development of the following designation programs: Clean Marina, Clean Boatyard, Clean Marine Retailer, Clean Boater & the Clean Vessel Act, which recognize facilities engaging in environmentally friendly practices, above and  beyond regulatory requirements in and around Florida’s waterways.

Here at Lookout Lodge, we have long understood the importance of taking care of our beautiful ocean for generations to come. That is why we were the first Florida Keys Resort with a  Clean Marina on Islamorada! We were the only ones for

Our Clean Marina!

Our Clean Marina!

quite some time, but a few of our neighbors are starting to catch up with the trend!

What is a Clean Marina?

According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, The Florida Clean Marina Program is “a voluntary designation program with a proactive approach to environmental stewardship. Participants receive assistance in implementing Best Management Practices through on-site and distance technical assistance, mentoring by other Clean Marinas and continuing education. To become designated as a Clean Marina, facilities must implement a set of environmental measures designed to protect Florida’s waterways. These measures address critical environmental issues such as sensitive habitat, waste management, stormwater control, spill prevention and emergency preparedness. Designated facilities and those facilities seeking designation receive ongoing technical support from the Florida Clean Marina Program and the Clean Boating Partnership.”

So when you are planning your trip to the keys, think about what kind of environmental practices you want to support with your tourist dollar. We are also a pet friendly resort in Florida, so we hope to accommodate all your needs here at Lookout Lodge! See you soon!

Islamorada Hotels: Visit Indian Key

Friday, February 6th, 2009

We hope you will come and treat yourself to the tropical weather of the Florida Keys. When you come to stay at our Florida Keys resort, consider taking a trip to Indian Key.

Indian Key has a rich history. At one point in the 1830s, Indian Key was home to a thriving town. Even then folks knew the indulgent nature of relaxing in the island breeze. In fact, the man who built the town, Jacob Housman, advertised his hotel on Indian Key as a therapeutic retreat for the ailing.

Arieal View of Indian Key

Arieal View of Indian Key

Today the Florida Park Service works to maintain the numerous foundations and ruins. They also maintain the cultural landscape of the historic community. The island provides a wonderful glimpse of South Florida history. So, take a boat ride, visit us, and experience some of our fascinating maritime history.

It is accessible only by private boat or charter boats available at nearby marinas. Remember that when you come to stay at Lookout Lodge, you can bring your boat for a trip to Indian Key, and we are a pet friendly resort Florida, so you can bring your best friend too!

Lookout Lodge Resort 87770 Overseas Highway Islamorada, Florida 33036 United States Phone: 305.852.9915 Toll Free: 800.870.1772 Fax: 305.852.3035